Two Ladies Are Added to the Saved

God should be praised for today (June 23, 2012) two ladies were added to the saved by the Lord. Sister Rhea is a faculty member handling IT courses at the University of Cebu - Lapu-lapu-Mandaue (UC-LM) Campus. She is a very ardent truth seeker and a good student of God's word. She prioritizes Bible study over her secular graduate studies.

Sister Cleo is a second year UP Cebu student taking up BS in Computer Science. She is very interested in learning the teachings God in the Bible. She was the one who approached me and told me that she wanted to join my Bible studies. Thanks to sister Daña for informing sister Cleo that I am conducting Bible studies.

Thanks God they both got the chance to know His will and to be saved. You can view the pictures in the Photo Gallery.

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