Brother Sevs Leads the Bible Study for the First Time

On July 29, 2012, brother Sevs led the Bible study during our worship service. Although he is new in the faith, he took the challenge of leading the Bible study. He is one of the diligent children of God, who keeps on worshiping with the church of Christ in Tisa. He was baptized last May 5, 2012, and since then, he is always present during our worship. In most cases, he came straight from Lutopan, Toledo City and arrived in the church ahead of other members. Praise God for giving the church of Christ in Tisa another dedicated soul. May your life be a strong inspiration to other members of God's Kingdom!

He also comes regularly for our midweek service. In fact, he made arrangement with his company to time in one hour early every Wednesday so that he can leave his office at 5 pm and reach the church building at 6 pm for the midweek service. He already led the Bible study twice during our midweek service. Let's also praise God for bro. Sevs' dedication. May God bless you bro. abundantly with both material and spiritual blessings!

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